Online Chat : ; Huge popularity of Online Chat

– Online media has brought the distant relatives and close friends . Nowadays people rely on the online platform to communicate with people who are staying at some distant part of the world. With the use of the social media it has become easier for the people to connect with each other and also allows them to send messages, images and various types of files.

Online Chat Wıth your loved ones

If you want to connect with a friend who is staying thousands miles far from you then you can definitely use the online chat to connect with that person. With the use of the online chat you can now send the images and videos within a few seconds. You will get to see many kind of online chat app in the Internet, which will allow you to connect with your distant relative and friends.

  • Some of the very popular apps, which are making rounds among the users, are WhatsApp, Skype, We Chat, Hangout and many others.
  • These apps are available free of cost in the Internet. You can download them into your tablet, laptop or smart phone and install them to use seamless connectivity with your friends and relatives. Before using these apps you need to register with them and create an account. The most significant feature of these apps is their user-friendly aspects. You can add friends and you can also create a group of your common friends and relatives. In a group chat you can chat with many people at the same time. You can send them images and videos and also you can celebrate them on their birthday by sending them customized mp3 or videos.

Online chat facility is also available in the social networking apps. For instance if you are using the Facebook app, then you can install the Messenger app to chat with your friends and can also make a video call them.

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